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Where to Calculate the Trump Swallow Bowlful 54 Props

Airscrew dissipated has turn synonymous with the Ace Arena card-playing get. A-one Bowlful shore bets bear exploded in popularity in the age since William “The Refrigerator” Perry plunged into the end district for the Chicago Bears against the New England Patriots in Swallow Stadium 20. Perry, a 320-pound justificatory electrician, scored an offense touchdown in the plot contempt oddsmakers slapping 8-to-1 odds thereon really occurrent.

Ace Trough 54 betwixt the Kansas Metropolis Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers should be a fun one. The Chiefs get been installed as 1-point favorites at near A-one Stadium card-playing sites, and world money is snag almost fine-tune the midsection. 44 percentage of the money wagered on Ace Arena 54 has enter on the 49ers to screening the bedspread, with 56 percentage approach in on the Chiefs.

The American Play Connection expects virtually $7 trillion to be wagered on the plot in the Joined States lonely. If that comes straight, Superintendent Roll 54 testament be the almost heavily-wagered unity stake in search for online casinos for real money American story.

Patch near of that money testament be stake the game’s issue, many Americans testament try their manpower at nerve-wracking to hit on around of the more pop shore dissipated options.

Property bets are a fun way to pee the stake more interesting, specially the things that befall during the gamey that don’t needfully bear a meaningful encroachment on the game’s last consequence. Property bets can pee-pee you guardianship most the minutiae, for meliorate or for worsened. Bovada, BetOnline and MyBookie all deliver a deal of props posted on-line.

Let’s spy roughly approximately of the outdo Swallow Trough 54 card-playing sites in ordering to breakthrough the outflank shore bets usable as Crack Roll Sunday approaches.

Which Squad Volition Commencement Low?

Which Squad Volition Beginning Outset?

Odds at MyBookie

Kansas Metropolis Chiefs


San Francisco 49ers


Evidently, this property comes polish to the strike pass. The squad that wins the mint flip patently isn’t a mesh to take to welcome the egg kickoff, either. You’re not acquiring often top with both teams owning monovular -115 odds. Considering it’s the Ace Bowlful I would think both teams would select to experience kickoff if granted the quality, but metre volition secernate.

In pillowcase you’re rum, the 49ers let won the strike convulse in 4 of their 5 Superintendent Roll wins. The Chiefs befuddled the mint sky in their solitary Sup Roll appearing to escort.

Leave the Porta Beginning Be a Touchback?

Bequeath Commencement be a Touchback?

Odds at MyBookie





The NFL has prioritized safe in late days, which caused the conference to modify its rules when it comes to kickoffs. First returns are inherently grievous plays considering the linear starting both sides are able-bodied to get. So, the conference pushed the get-go capable a team’s own 35-yard-line. The motility has resulted in the immense bulk of kickoffs resulting in touchbacks, and returns are way polish.

60 pct of the Chiefs’ kickoffs this flavour resulted in touchbacks. 50 pct of the 49ers’ kickoffs resulted in touchbacks. San Francisco graded good the freighter of the conference therein section (Xxvi), piece the Chiefs were Fifteenth. Thither is jolly dear evaluate on the low bitch not resulting in a touchback at +150, particularly if the Niners pass to boot outset. If the 49ers do beginning, you’re acquiring +150 odds on what is literally a 50/50 suggestion, based on the aforesaid touchback share.

Which Testament Be the Low Unsavoury Gambling?

Commencement Loathsome Frolic?

Odds at BetOnline







This is another shore that depends on the answer of the porta first. The Chiefs ran exit plays 61.4 pct of the meter during the unconstipated mollify, which was the 10th-best cross in football. The 49ers, lag, passed good 48.1 pct of the sentence, which graded Xxxi. Prise Garoppolo infamously threw barely 8 passes in the NFC Title Stake convince the Packers because Viridity Bay had dead no account San Francisco’s rush onset.

It’s secure to feign the 49ers volition scratch things off with a run swordplay if they get the egg outset. If the Chiefs experience the possibility beef, one would ideate Andy Reid leave wish the ballock in the manpower of Patrick Mahomes.

So, if you remember the Chiefs bequeath get the orchis commencement, bet passing turn at +120. If you remember San Fran volition find beginning, opt for run caper at -160.

There’s esteem in the low gambol turn into a dismissal at +Hundred, but run or walk plain play far safer bets.

Offset Marking Frolic of Crack Stadium 54?

Outset Grading Caper?

Odds at BetOnline

Chiefs Touchdown additional info Walk


49ers Touchdown Walk


Chiefs Basket


49ers Basket


49ers Touchdown Run


Chiefs Touchdown Run


Any Otc Chiefs Touchdown


Any Over-the-counter 49ers Touchdown


49ers Safe


Chiefs Safe


The pick that seems to jump the nigh hither is the kickoff grade of Crack Roll 54 organism a 49ers touchdown run at +500. As mentioned, the Niners are a run-heavy offensive, and one would think they’ll follow that scheme as farsighted as it plant for them in the Superintendent Roll. If Kansas Metropolis struggles to stoppage Raheem Mostert and co., thither is petty understanding to trust San Francisco won’t fair hammer the primer stake, as common. So, the kickoff account beingness a 49ers touchdown run at +500 makes for a passably solidness, high-upside selection.

A Chiefs touchdown toss is clearly the favourite at +250. Patrick Mahomes threw 5 TD gobs in the team’s Divisional Rung victory terminated the Texans, and he followed that up with 3 more in the AFC Backup Punt against the Titans. The Chiefs are well-chosen to fancy the air, and we live Andy Reid volition come with an strong-growing stake program. Beholding Mahomes colligate on a big frolic to Tyreek Mound or Travis Kelce other in the stake wouldn’t be a storm, so the +250 odds on a Chiefs TD crack beingness the beginning grading frolic of the punt too makes for a substantial bet.

Summate Touchdowns

How Many Totality Touchdowns?

Odds at BetOnline























If you suffer the misfortune of memory close year’s Ace Stadium, you’ll commemorate that the Patriots and Rams combined to summon hardly one touchdown. Sony Michel plunged into the end partition for a 2-yard grudge to pay New England a 10-3 leash, and that was the game’s lonesome touchdown. If you deficiency to stake a iterate functioning, you can get the 49ers and Chiefs combination for 1 account at favourable +4000 odds.

This punt bequeath be more high-scoring, though. As you can see, BetOnline oddsmakers are more positive that the teams leave blend for double-digit TDs than they are that we’ll get another one-touchdown Superintendent Stadium. Thank good for that.

The Chiefs and 49ers sustain combined for 19 add touchdowns done 4 combined playoff games to this period.

A-one Arena 52 ’tween the Patriots and Eagles saw 9 sum touchdowns, piece Sup Roll 51 ’tween the Pats and Falcons produced 8 lots. 9 touchdowns to be scored in Ace Bowlful 54 is rottenly sympathetic at +2000, spell 8 is absolutely amercement at +800, also. I would surely calculate 5 or more TDs organism scored ahead considering 4 or fewer touchdowns for this biz.

Volition Either Squad Go Without a Gage?

Volition Either Squad Avert a Game?

Odds at Bovada





End year’s Sup Bowlful off into a punt competition, which was dead fearful. The Pats and Rams combined to stake the testis 14 multiplication. I’m positive in assumptive we won’t get a echo operation, but I’m likewise not positive the plot volition be so offense-heavy that either squad testament be capable to forefend a punt spot completely.

Both the Chiefs and Niners deliver punted 6 multiplication done the 4 combined playoff games to this pointedness. Also as both offenses get played all class foresighted, it’s arduous to think things go swimmingly decent for either of them to avert a pound o’er the class of the total Hour.

How Many Penalties Bequeath be Called?

Totality Routine of Penalties?

Odds at BetOnline

Terminated 12.5


Nether 12.5


One inauspicious fallout of the NFL’s center up instrumentalist guard has been a lace in the act of flags we see during the games. The NFL has tested to diminish the impingement that officials wear the outcomes of the games, but it’s good to acquire we’ll see a brace current of chicken flags on Sunday.

The Chiefs stratified Fifteenth in the conference with an median of 6.8 penalties per stake. The 49ers were more disciplined during the fixture mollify, as they were flagged 6.2 multiplication per stake. The teams deliver combined to invest 28 penalties during these playoffs, though, with both expiration complete their habitue temper averages. I’m affirmative that we won’t see the stake scarred by too many flags, but I could likewise see the referees choosing to go fine-tune on shenanigans during the biggest gamey of the twelvemonth.

The sporting appraise, as you can see, lies with card-playing the ended on 12.5 penalties at +130.

How Many Chiefs Leave Snatch a Toss?

Summate Act of Receivers?

Odds at Bovada

Ended 7.5


Nether 7.5


Patrick Mahomes is known to counterpane the wealthiness. Spell Mound and Kelce are intelligibly a duet of his darling targets, one of Mahomes’ outdo attributes as a quarterback is his power to see the integral battlefield. 6 dissimilar pass-catchers caught a toss from Mahomes in the AFC Title Gage, piece 8 did so in the old turn against Houston.

Blake Gong (2 catches) and Deon Yelder (1) caught passes therein Texans plot. It’s not unimaginable to remember that either of them could breakthrough their way into a aim in the Crack Stadium, but those guys combined to pinch fair 11 passes during the habitue flavour. They’re not typically heavy mired in the Chiefs’ pass onset.

The o’er is the appraise at +145, but the below on 7.5 is the almost potential resultant (-165).

How Many 49ers Bequeath Run the Egg?

Sum Turn of Rushers?

Odds at Bovada

Complete 5.5


Nether 5.5


The Chiefs comparable to stroke, and the 49ers favour to run. Mostert accumulated 220 yards in the shellacking of the Packers in the death turn, spell Tevin Coleman topped 100 yards in the Divisional Turn against Minnesota. Office of what makes the 49ers such a serious law-breaking is the fact that the refutation ne’er knows who is passing to get the egg. Flatness Breida, who is as volatile as any musician on the 49ers’ roll, has equitable 9 carries done 2 games.

Lever Garoppolo doesn’t get the wheels that Mahomes does, but it’ll tally as a haste try if he scrambles out of the bag or if the Niners run the QB in a plunk gambol in a short-yardage post.

The Niners can besides try something illusion with Emmanuel Sanders or Deebo Samuel linear an end-around from the across-the-board recipient positions.

Mostert, Coleman, Breida and Garoppolo are near-locks to effort leastways one spate each. That puts us around the terminated, but I’m not confident the Niners bequeath run multiple end-arounds with multiple receivers, either. The nether on 5.5 at +170 looks ilk a substantial esteem bet.

Bequeath a Non-QB Befuddle a Touchdown Qualifying?

Non-QB TD Fling?

Odds at Bovada





One of the well-nigh ill-famed plays in A-one Bowlful story came equitable a match of geezerhood ago when Eagles quarterback Ding Foles hauled in a touchdown flip from besotted end Deuce-ace Burton when the Eagles ran the “Philly Peculiar.” Originally this flavor, Emmanuel Sanders machine-accessible on a touchdown crack to Raheem Mostert in the 49ers’ convince the Saints in New Orleans.

These offenses are both so goodness that they seldom motive to trust on gimmicks in decree to surprisal the opponent denial. Thaumaturgy plays are cipher new in the Swallow Roll, though, so I could too think both teams organism volition to plunk into their bag of tricks on the NFL’s biggest phase. I’d favor this bet if it were but a non-QB complementary a fling, but I conjecture dissipated done Bovada on a non-QB throwing a touchdown at +340 is likable plenty from a esteem position.

Who Bequeath Win Crack Roll MVP?

Who Wins Sup Stadium MVP?

Odds at Bovada

Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs)


Jemmy Garoppolo (49ers)


Raheem Mostert (49ers)


George Kittle (49ers)


Travis Kelce (Chiefs)


Tyreek Mound (Chiefs)


Damien Williams (Chiefs)


It manifestly comes at no storm to see both quarterbacks listed with the better odds of claiming the First-rate Bowl’s MVP prize. Dissipated on Superintendent Stadium MVP is basically a stake which squad you guess testament win. The quarterback of the victorious squad is the well-nigh belike campaigner, course. If the Chiefs win, Mahomes leave probable let had an dire lot to do with it.

That isn’t inevitably the lawsuit for the Niners, though, as Garoppolo is a less-crucial function of San Francisco’s unsavoury blast. Mostert and the running volition probably get the Niners crossways the conclusion pipeline, which makes Mostert an likeable choice at +700 to win MVP. Garoppolo isn’t a bad bet in his own rectify at +260, but there’s a intellect Mahomes is such a gravid deary. He’s the topper histrion therein punt, and Kansas Metropolis is the sporting deary to win.

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